Ocha La Rocha “Ocha Scores” Available Today!

Ocha La Rocha - Ocha Scores

Ocha La Rocha’s new album “Ocha Scores” is officially out today on JAXART Records! Head over to ITUNES and pick up the album now.



Ocha la Rocha began in 2004 as Johnny la Rocha’s studio project, and quickly evolved into a live act that debuted in 2005 to ply the music scenes of Atlanta and Los Angeles. Initially OLR paid tribute to the classic southern rock of la Rocha’s Georgia hometown, but soon absorbed the burgeoning psychedelic-country sounds of the West Coast. Ocha Scores represents the band’s first label release (JAXART Records) and was produced by Kristofer Sampson (Ponderosa, New West Records) and Johnny la Rocha in Atlanta, Georgia. Recorded between tours over the course of 2 years, Ocha Scores includes the contributions of accomplished supporting musicians including J.T. Hall (Ponderosa), Chandler Rentz (Snowden), Milton Chapman (Barreracudas) and Lee Harraway on pedal steel. The album was reworked by Niko Bolas at Capitol Records and mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville. OLR’s music has been used in feature films like Hot Tub Time Machine and Going the Distance and most recently in the season finales’ of Sons of Anarchy and The Jersey Shore. The band currently resides in Los Angeles and will be touring the West coast Spring/Summer 2013 supporting their August 6th release.


1. Sing The People’s Song
2. Tunnels and Lines
3. Heavy
4. Westward
5. The Beach
6. I Feel It To
7.The Wind And The Sea
8. Slow Rolling
9. Turn The Sound Around
10. Brown Room
11. Train Song
12. Making Waves